New York City Robbery/Assault Attorney

When you walk into a courtroom facing a robbery charge, assault charge or charge for another crime of violence, Jay Schwitzman, an experienced New York criminal defense attorney, will stand with you when no one else will, from arrest to final disposition of the case. Trust Jay to provide you with the aggressive, professional legal counsel you need to defend your case.

Robbery and Assault in New York

Jay knows that being accused of a robbery and assault in New York can be a trying experience filled with stress and anxiety for you and your family. He is dedicated to the presumption of innocence and will fight to defend your rights, including cases of mistaken ID. Jay has all the necessary experience and legal know-how to help obtain the most favorable results possible for your case, including getting his clients into programs for youth to avoid jail, obtain academic or vocational education and receive counseling.

Weapons charges, armed robbery, assault, aggravated assault, and other violent crimes are serious charges requiring an expert and savvy New York City Robbery/Assault lawyer like Jay. He is an expert on the criminal justice system, and is dedicated to winning the best possible outcome for you.

Contact a New York Assault/Robbery Attorney to Defend Your Rights Now

New York Assault/Robbery Attorney Jay Schwitzman has the experience your case needs. He is the one person in the courtroom who will not judge you. He’s there to help, to listen to your side of the matter, and to vigorously protect your rights, no matter what.

Contact Jay for a case evaluation. His extensive experience defending people charged with crimes allows him to intervene before charges are filed. However, if the charges have already been filed, Jay will try to minimize or eliminate the penalties you face. Contact Jay now.

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