New York Homicide Lawyer

No matter the motive, method, or other relevant circumstances, New York murder and homicide charges must be handled with utmost care by an experienced New York Homicide Lawyer. The stakes are extremely high and your future lies in the balance. Even in locations with no state death penalty, a federal death penalty may be imposed depending on the circumstances.

Most New York homicide cases are not capital cases. However, a conviction can bring a very significant prison sentence, and possibly a life term. It can destroy your relationship with family and friends, and bring financial ruin. When everything rests on your convincing the court that you are not guilty, it is critical to have representation from an experienced and skilled New York homicide lawyer.

Jay Schwitzman has an extensive track record of successfully defending clients against homicide and attempted homicide charges.

Murder and Homicide Charges in New York

Whatever murder charges a client may face, Jay mounts a thorough, prepared defense. In New York, murder charges include:

  • First Degree Murder, or murder executed with extreme cruelty, deliberate and premeditated malice, or murder resulting from the commission of a capital felony
  • Second Degree Murder, or murder committed with malice aforethought or during the commission of a non-capital felony
  • Involuntary Manslaughter, or an unintentional, wanton and reckless killing or an unintentional killing resulting from a battery
  • Voluntary Manslaughter, or the unlawful killing of another upon reasonable provocation and without premeditated malice or from the excessive use of force in self-defense
  • Felony and Misdemeanor Motor Vehicle Homicide
  • Assault with Intent to Murder

A New York Homicide Lawyer to Stand by You Every Step of the Way

Jay is dedicated to providing a strong defense at every stage of the proceedings against you, including:

  • Initial investigation
  • Extradition
  • Arrest
  • Grand jury indictment
  • Charging
  • Bail hearing
  • Arraignment
  • Plea negotiations
  • Trial
  • Verdict
  • Pre-sentencing investigation and reports
  • Post-conviction appeals, writs and motions
  • Probation
  • Jail or prison
  • Parole

A New York Homicide Lawyer Who’s Available 24/7

Jay H. Schwitzman is available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week: Call Now for Consultation 718-797-1000