Brooklyn Drug Charge Defense

A disproportionate number of African Americans and Latinos are being prosecuted for drug charges daily. In many instances, it appears that both police and prosecutors are so eager to make quotas that they toss aside the notion of being innocent until proven guilty.

Brooklyn drug charge lawyer, Jay Schwitzman has the experience, the commitment and the knowledge to protect your freedom. As a Brooklyn drug attorney, Jay has extensive experience defending clients against all types of drug charges including possession, sale, distribution and manufacturing. Jay has handled hundreds of drug cases resulting in numerous dismissals.

Strategic Approach to Defending New York City Drug Charges

Jay’s years of experience with New York City drug charges has given him an instinctive familiarity with every angle in drug prosecution. He knows the tools law enforcement use to make an arrest. He also knows how police officers are supposed to work under the law, and how that can differ from what the police actually do. Jay believes that drug related crimes are being prosecuted far out of proportion to the actual damage drugs cause and this belief is a driving force behind his fight for justice in drug cases.

With Jay representing you in your drug case, the prosecution will be held accountable, and put to the test. If the police ignore search and seizure law, that fact will be used to your advantage. If they exaggerate, Jay will expose their overstatements. If they lie in front of the Grand Jury, Jay will use their lies to prevent your indictment. If however, you are indicted, he’ll fight your case at trial where he can show how the case was fabricated or otherwise rendered invalid.

Defenses he may use in your case are:

  • Mistaken Identification
  • Entrapment
  • Forced or Coerced Confession
  • Insufficient or Illegally Obtained Evidence
  • Illegal Search and Seizure
  • Perjured Testimony by Police or Prosecution Witnesses
  • Alibi Defense
  • Right to Speedy Trial Defense
  • Mere Presence Defense
  • Statute of Limitations

Jay’s over 20 years of experience defending hundreds of cases allows him to quickly identify and use the best defense strategy for you.

Jay’s aggressive defense makes prosecutors more willing to offer a favorable deal because they know the alternative will be a long and difficult fight. If it’s time to cut a client’s losses, Jay is effective at getting clients accepted into drug treatment programs, community service, probation, and relatively light sentences. Jay has the credentials to defend you in New York State and Federal court.

A New York City Drug Charge Lawyer Who’s Available 24/7

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